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C 【January - March only】 Popular! Oyster oysters raw oysters 90 minutes All you can eat + 120 minutes drink all you can do ★ 6480 → 5480 yen coupon price

C 【January - March only】 Popular! Oyster oysters raw oysters 90 minutes All you can eat + 120 minutes drink all you can do ★ 6480 → 5480 yen coupon price

By using a coupon5480 yen

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  • 3-20persons
All-you-can-drink available

About 50 kinds including draft beer and various lemon sourdies are all-you-can-drink for 120 minutes (LO 90 minutes) !! + 500 yen with premium sake including super-premium sake at our 500 yen premium area where you can enjoy all 14 kinds of sake menu of our shop! Please ask ♪

Reservation deadline
Until 21 o'clock on the desired shopping day
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Full season of oysters arrives! Anytime OK / 3 people ~ / Elementary school students half price / Under 5 years old / Free / Credit card accepted / Change on the day / Cancellation can not be accepted (In case of poor physical condition except)

Course menu

◇ Attention to the baking table

Our original baking table is designed to be baked with lava stone.It has the same effect as charcoal and it burns with far infrared rays so that the oysters burn plump and preprim texture ♪ In addition, we will finish the oysters at once in high temperature with the big baking table in the middle of the store that we introduced this year.Because the staff carries them to each table in the most tasty condition, there is no worry of jumping off shells! All you can eat is enjoying oysters safely and safely!

◇ nationwide brand oysters

All oysters for baked oysters can also be served raw.

Producers made with single seed recipe and droop ceremony as raw oysters only are oysters of commitment!


· Baked oysters 90 minutes for all you can eat

· Raw oyster 90 minutes all you can eat

· Futaba Beach beak set

·Deep fried oysters

· Shell jelly kettle

· Dinner meal

· 120 minutes (LO 90 minutes) All you can drink

(Seasoning bringing in is free)

[Option] * Tax excluded

+199 yen Kakifly 1 piece (It will be ordered from 2 pieces)

+280 yen premium soft ice cream

+ 500 yen 120 minutes Premium area Upgraded to all-you-can-drink (LO 90 minutes)

+ For those of your birthday or celebration ♪ celebration plate or jockey parfait

※ 1 It is a drink order system.

※ The staying time of the seat is 100 to 120 minutes.(Because it depends on the condition of the day, please understand)

※ We will prepare the best type of oysters at that time.

※ If you have any details such as fine cooking, please feel free to contact the store manager.

※ The contents of the dish may change depending on the season and purchase situation.

Our shop is a shellfish specialty store.Most dishes are shellfish.

Those who can not eat shellfish, those with poor physical condition, those who are allergic to shellfish and oysters, those who experienced eating with shellfish in the past should withhold.

Because oysters and shellfish are high in nutritional value, there may be a sudden change in physical condition as you ingest.

As for children and senior citizen customers, we ask you to take with your family or your own judgment.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Sapporo draft beer black label <raw>
·Lemon sour
· Kaki cabin lemon sour (♪ very delicious from the second cup) / Lemon sour lemon sour / Spicy lemon sour / usual lemon sour
· Dewers High Bowl / Cola High Ball / Ginger High Ball / Angle High Ball / Mega Hight High Ball
· Shochu
· Wellbeing Highball / Hiroshi Norimaki / Red Kirishima / Injustice / Nikaido / Tsukushi Black
· Plum wine · Fruit wine
· Plum wine made in Shiraga / Mandarin oranges / Momo sake / Yuzu sake
· Cold Sake / Hot Pot
· Glass wine white · red
· Sour, Shochu High
· Plain sour / lime sour / calp sour / mandarin orange, peach, yuzu sour / lemon shochu high / green tea hi / oolong hi / plum shochu high
· Standard cocktail
· Red Eye / Shandigerf / Mojito / Cassis Soda / Cassis Orange
· Fruits · Soft drinks
· Cola / Ginger Ale / Oolong Tea / Green Tea / Orange Juice / Tomato Juice / Lamune / Calpis
· Upgrade to premium area drinking drinks for + 500 yen at any price
· Add 14 kinds of all-you-can-drink including super premium sake such as 14th generation and rice festival !!

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